The Roots

Tribe Couture is a high-end fashion brand, part of the slow-fashion movement.

There is here focus on luxurious materials such as silk, wool and lace, as well as soft cotton. Some garments also include intuitive work, where the heart's instinct directs the hands. The cutting, the dyeing, the knitting turn into exciting games with unexpected results, which gives more dynamic to the creation process. Those garments are therefore unique pieces, and open the way for more innovation in the work.

It is TRIBAL, with clear cut edges, or ethnic prints for example. The creating process is centered around experimenting new shapes, having fun with color combinations or hanging threads, ribbons and stuff, and keeping an independent style, which would still be both feminine and timeless.

It is THEATRICAL, referring to the début as a brand for contemporary dance costume design. This is where the idea of movement and the freedom to use the space around you become essential. The clash between elegance and rawness, especially seen in contemporary dance, is reflected in the pieces, as well as the sensitivity of the body which carries deep emotions from within to the audience.

It is finally ARTISANAL-WEAR, with focus on handcraft & savoir-faire. With a degree in fashion design, the designer behind Tribe Couture keeps on expanding her knowledge by being always curious and trying new technics of manufacturing. Furthermore, every step in the development of the collections and of the brand itself are made in Aarhus, Denmark, where the atelier is located. It is a conscious choice that helps keeping the spirit down-to-earth and makes a personal touch possible, driven by the aspiration to give more character, and above all humanity, to the products.